It’s time for back-to-school scrambling which usually includes shopping for brand new school supplies. But which school supplies are safe for your kids?  Last year, a report was released by Environmental Defense and the US-Based Center for Health, Environment and Justice outlining guidelines for purchasing safe back-to-school products. Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC is found in many common school supplies and other children’s products and is of key concern in the report.This substance contains chemicals such as phthalates, lead and cadmium which can leech out from the product containing them. PVCs have been linked scientifically to developmental disorders as well as damage to several body systems including the respiratory system and central nervous system which controls basic bodily operations. The dangerous substance can be found in many children’s products ranging from lunch boxes to binders to backpacks to art supplies. To read more about the released report and to read the report itself visit the links below. Factual information for this article was taken from these two sources.

-Danica Longair