Words like ‘fusion’ and the ‘psychology of the palette’ were tossed around when I experienced the art of coffee at Milano in Gastown.  Coffee culture is taken to a new level by Brian Turko whose eyes sparkle as he talks of his history with Milano’s founder and his apprenticeship in coffee roasting.  I sit across from Erin Ireland as I scarf down her famous lemon loaf (sold at Milano) and listen to Turko talk counter culture and the delight of blending beans as he serves coffee.  I had no idea how complex true Italian roasting was! Real espresso is a blend of fats and flavours – somewhat like a wine.  He makes me chuckle at the notion that coffee shouldn’t be a flavour agent for milk-based drinks.  I am SO busted. I also had no clue that true espresso loses it’s perfect taste within 40 seconds, which is why the European and Argentine coffe shops have jam-packed counters in the morning.

According to Milano’s website, “From rich to mellow, and from bold to sweet and lively, all our blends are exquisitely balanced for flavour, body, acidity, aroma. We know that our dedication to sourcing, hand roasting and blending 9 espresso blends that contain anywhere from 6 – 12 different origin coffees “.  I am no Brian Turko, but I am a tired Mom and I love coffee.  I can attest that Milano will be my new special place for experiencing true coffee culture, as I have never tasted anything so good.