If  your kids are living with Type 1 diabetes, you’ve got a few extra challenges.  We’re very excited about a Disney’s New Diabetes Resource from one of our favourite Disney sites.  Disney Interactive has partnered with Lilly Diabetes to launch an online destination dedicated to help families affected by type 1 diabetes on Disney’s family lifestyle site Lilley Diabetes. Combining Lilly’s knowledge of diabetes with Disney’s robust parenting network has created a unique and powerful diabetes resource.

Through a mix of articles, videos and advice, site contributors (which include dietitians, psychologists, nurses and everyday families) cover a variety of topics all designed to help families manage type 1 diabetes in everyday situations, such as:

·         Routines for families that manage type 1 diabetes while still letting kids be kids
·         Important info on how to pack for vacations, sleepovers and other outings
·         Talking tips about type 1 diabetes to share with friends, teachers and coaches

One of our favourite sections contains quotes from mothers about how they deal with everyday challenges such as sibling rivalry, glucose checks and keeping every day fun.  There are even printables for the babysitter and great ways to care for the caregivers! Disney’s New Diabetes Resource is a great addition to the Spoonful roster.