The Porsche Cayenne as a Family Vehicle:  As we begin our roundup of luxury family vehicles, we’re making a few assumptions, like you can afford drop the coin on the hefty pricetags (or like to dream), and also that you don’t care much about juice boxes flinging over the seats and Cheerios smushed into the carpet.  That being said, the safety, convenience, and luxury of the cars we’ve been test driving will absolutely make you feel like the super-star Mom you are.

Things we ‘should’ care about:
– 5 seats
– To fill up after a week of normal mommy driving: $90
– The 2011 model will be a hybrid – good for the environment and fuel economy

Kid’s Perspective:
– My 4 year old learned to tell his friends that we were driving a Porsche
– The panoramic roof made their day

– You can fit a full size person between 2 carseats in the back
– In the 2011 model the second row will be able to slide with the flip of one lever
– You need the key in your hand to unlock the doors
– The only model we drove with a normal hatch (not clamshell) allowing for short people to get the stroller into the trunk with ease.
– The carseats were very difficult to ‘latch’ in.
– The AV system wasn’t as intuitive as some of the other cars we drove.

– Programmable to raise to different heights.  We don’t know why anyone could possibly want it at bump-your-head height, but it’s an option.
– The 2011 model will have better fold-down seats.
– Push a button on the underside to close it.

The Glitz:
– Great GPS with a map you can easily follow
– Ipod/USB hookup
– There’s a hybrid version for 2011.

The Glamour:
– Those lights!  Unmistakable Porsche
– A very Sexy vehicle
– Super-soft leather interior
– Check the ergonomic console on the latest model (right)
– You can order it in purple

Would it Make a Good Push Present?

– Undoubtedly