Summer is quickly approaching and the daily SPH facial lotion and lip balm will no longer be enough to combat the sun’s rays. Short of dressing in long sleeves, pants, a large hat and sunglasses… it’s time to find the right sunscreen for your family. Which types are a good fit for your family? How much sunscreen should you apply to keep their skin protected?

There are several sunscreen options available for you to choose. Personal preference, skin sensitivity, and child needs will lead you to the best fit for your family. If you are the DIY type there are multiple recipes available on the internet. If you go this route do your research when acquiring components to ensure the highest and safest quality product.

Application of sunscreen can be slippery business. When my children were younger this was a guaranteed media time for them. They would get their 10 minutes of show time in while I slathered their little bodies. Typical recommendations include application 30 minutes prior to sun exposure if using a chemical based sunscreen. Mineral based sunscreens may appear white on the skin until they are absorbed and do not require inside time before exposure.

Many parents underestimate the amount of sunscreen needed. In the beginning of summer I suggest keeping a one ounce (approximately 30ml)  measure handy. This is the recommended amount to adequately protect exposed skin. For the face alone at least a nickel (approximately 22mm) sized amount is advised.

Make sure to remember to sunscreen lips, tops of feet, parts in hair, and ear lobes. Those places are easy to forgot and painful when burned.
Reapplication directions should be heeded. A product is good only as long as it is still on your skin. Water play and sweat will wear the sunscreen and therefore your protection away. Don’t forget to protect your own skin while taking care of your children. Enjoy the warm sun while you’re out having fun. Sunscreen will help ensure your summer memories are not of painful burns but of wonderful times you spend enjoying the great outdoors.


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