Our world is getting warmer and there are daily weather reminders that we all need to brush up on our emergency preparedness. Most governments state that you should be able to get by for at least 72 hours without power or tap water. A few years ago I used an Amazon credit to purchase water packets, a stove that runs on.. organic material, 60 meals you consume by adding water, escape ladders, water purification pellets and a wind-up radio. Unfortunately all of the stuff is so far buried in my storage room that I wouldn’t be able to find it if I tried!

In a recent poll, American shoppers were asked about the different types of disasters that they fear. Some were truly terrible and some to be downright unlikely: nuclear attacks, plane crashes, economic collapse, alien invasions and zombie attacks, to name a few!
Men and women differ not only in terms of what emergency they are most likely to be concerned about, but also in the way they plan for emergencies. For example, men are much more likely to be worried about meteor strikes than women, and women are much more worried about events like floods and tornadoes. Women are also more likely to source their supplies and plans from community centres, local stores, and family and friends, whereas men like to do their emergency prepping online.

Red Cross Survival Kit

Basic Emergency Kit:

Waterproof Matches
Emergency Blanket

Additions to your Emergency Kit:

Biohazard Bags
Leather Gloves
Pet Food
Precious Metals
Glow Sticks

Extra Stuff that will Help Your Chances of a Surviving the Zombie Apocolypse:

Vegetable Seeds
Axe, machete, good knives.
 The Canadian Red Cross sells a great kit with many of these items for $118. As for the Zombie Apocolypse, Gerber sells a military-grade knife kit, and for the truly freaked out, the Zero Kit by Optics Planet will get you prepared – if you have $24,000 to spare.