Family Test Drives: Land Rover LR4

Things we ‘should’ care about:
– 7 seats
– 7 Days test drive with normal mom activities = $67 to fill up
– $52,750

Cost to Drive 25 Miles
Fuel to Drive 25 Miles
1.79 gal
Cost of a Fill-up
Miles on a Tank
287 miles
Tank Size
22.8 gal
Annual Fuel Cost
* Based on 15000 annual miles and a fuel price of 2.82 per gallon.
Fill-up cost and the distance you can travel on a tank are calculated based on the combined MPG and the assumption that you will re-fuel when your tank is 10% full.

Kid’s Perspective:
– Back windows go down really low so they always have a great view
– They can jump on the lower lip of the clamshell trunk it’s so sturdy
– The whole back of the car folds into a perfect playpen / sleeping area.
– 3 sunroofs to make anyone in every row happy.
– Heated second row seats.  Ok.. so with carseats, it doesn’t matter, but you could always stick the kids in the 3rd row and let passengers be toasty in the second row.

– The cooler box between the front seats that perfectly fits 4 cans and a sandwich. (we didn’t test it with beer cans, for the record).
– Indestructible
– No blindspots and rearview backup camera (in the HSE model)
– Mechanical, not electrical inside.  Less stuff to break, and cheaper to fix.
– Satellite radio (Channel 75, Broadway.  Nuf Said).
– Pushbutton start

– Clamshell
– Huge

The Glitz:
– The colours are awesome.  We drove a ‘Bali Blue’ Metallic one that turned heads (though we thought it was us).
– Passive entry key so that you don’t need the key in hand to open the door.

The Glamour:
– You rule the road because you’re up high.
– Harder to get in wearing a pari of heels, but a cinch to drive
– You can raise and lower the car with the ‘Air Suspension’ so on a date, he can ‘lower the car’ for you.  Or if you’re off-roading, you can raise it so as not to knick the undercarriage.

Would it Make a Good Push Present?

Yup.  Love it.  Want one.