The Body Shop has long been known for not testing products on animals, but they are so much more! Body butters, luxury spa quality products, and true innovations are also part of their lineup. This year, with a ‘spa of the world’ mantra, they have introduced firming products like a French grapeseed scrub and Ethiopian green coffee cream. I am holding my breath for their insanely fun play-based advent calendars packed with all of the hottest products of the year. The holiday gifts and sets are perfect gifts for teachers, friends, moms, dads and everyone who loves self-care and good quality product. 

Skin care has also gotten a ‘lift’, so to speak. 2 new masks include a preventative Tea tree Night mask. and a Japanese Matcha pollution clearing mask that includes dandelion extract. Just be careful not to surprise and scare your kids while wearing them!

Holiday Initiatives are focused on games, play and what connects people. Three levels of their popular Advent gifts focus on this theme, and you can open boxes as if they are toys and puzzles. It’s so perfect for this year, when many of us have been so bogged down in politics, shootings and natural disasters and we are forgetting the importance of play. As you know, I traveled to Liberia with Right to Play, and saw firsthand the impact of sport and play in the development of youth. Every charity with this focus has a huge spot in my heart. In terms of the advent calendars… snag the big one early, as it’s only available online!

The Body Shop’s holiday charitable partnership is with International Alert based in Lebanon. ‘Play 4 Peace’ is a campaign to bring back play for kids in danger-ridden communities.

Next year in spring watch for body yoghurts and beard oils.

Oh? And to those holiday parties? Apply some matte metal lipsticks for holidays.

Disclosure: UrbanMommies was not compensated for this article, but was given samples to test at an event.