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tween ready for a cell phone

Is My Tween Ready For A Cell Phone?

FAM, kids By October 7, 2019 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , 5 Comments

My tween wants a cell phone.  Correction, she wants a cell phone that allows her to text, play games online, send emails and lastly, make phone calls. Yesterday, she told me that more and more of the girls in her class (We’re talking 4th grade folks!) are getting cell phones for their 10th birthdays.  She doesn’t want to wait a year.  She wants one now. The question is, is my tween ready for a cell phone?


Invisalign Teen

FAM, grow, kids, LIVE By January 5, 2012 Tags: , , , , , No Comments

I went to a swanky Gastown dinner sponsored by Invisalign Teen.  Having never had braces and with toddlers, I had no idea what advances there have been in dentistry.  Wow.  Headgear?  No.  Ugly metal train-track things that get bits of food stuck and leave a teenager date-less?  Nope.  Invisalign are hard see-through cases – trays that you can pop in and out of your mouth that gently maneuver the teeth info proper formation.  The biggest benefit in my view relates to self-esteem for teens and adults requiring braces.  (Not to mention few diet or sports restrictions.)  I won’t go into the amount of therapy I needed after having acne as a teenager, but I was certainly affected by not feeling attractive.  Ridiculous but true – especially during the teenage years.  Anything that can help teens through this stage of life is such a blessing.  A tad more expensive than traditional braces, but they certainly get our vote.  Oh – and Moms can certainly benefit too.