Next Issue CanadaI remember as a student having an ‘understanding’ with the local magazine shop. Once the issues were out of date, the shop would send back the covers of unsold inventory for reimbursement and put the full issues minus the cover in the trash.  You could say that as a student I was frugal, but I managed to find many wonderful articles in these ‘found’ magazines. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, right?

Well times have changed (thank goodness). Mobile and internet savvy folks can now get access to over 100 of the best magazines (and back issues!) with Next Issue Canada, a subsidiary of Rogers Publishing. For as low as $9.99 per month, you can receive unlimited access to over 100 of the world’s best magazines, including back issues. If you’re a magazine junkie, this is a huge savings, and we’d love your help spreading the word!  

I just signed up for a FREE 30 day trial of Next Issue Canada to be used on my tablet and guess what I found?  Sign Up for the Trial!

Today's ParentTodays Parent: The goods on thumb sucking – will it really affect you child’s teeth if you don’t set an end date?

CondeNast TravelerConde Nast Traveler: In case you’re planning a road trip around the Florida Keys, you’ll want to check out more than the key lime pie – especially in Key West.

Real SimpleReal Simple: If you have pets, or crayon-wielding toddlers, you’ll love this article on how to clean your upholstery.

InStyleInStyle: Instant style when trying to get fit. No more excuses to dodge the gym.

Town & CountryTown & Country:  Who knew this iconic luxury magazine does a round-up of their top 50 bachelors? Not that we’re looking, but..

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