new years eve with kidsYou’ve got the most fabulous dress.  And the shoes.  And the champagne.  And…  whoops.  The kids.  A  babysitter is pretty much impossible, or prohibitively expensive on New Year’s Eve.  If you ask family the guilt will consume you all night.  Let’s think outside the box, shall we – without compromising your attachment to the kids, or our hip and savvy selves?  UrbanMommies has a few ideas about how you can celebrate New YEar’s Eve with kids – and still make the evening special..

1.  Dress well (even if you are exhausted).  Put the baby down, and make a romantic dinner together.  You could choose cuisine from a beloved country or new food that you’ve never attempted and experience something special together.  Eat by candlelight and try to stay awake until the ball drops.

2.  Sit down as a family and look at photo albums from the past – relate birth stories, marriage memories and the ups and downs of the past year.  Top it off with a frozen pizza ‘picnic’ on the floor complete with an extra-special bottle of wine and shirley temples.

3.  The whole family can go to Value Village and find the most sparkly, shiny outfits possible.  Blow up enough balloons to fill a room and drink milk, oj and champagne out of your best glasses.

4.  If you must venture out, swap with another couple so you can watch each others’ kids every second year.

5.  Have another couple and their children for a sleep-over.  The kids can do art in an empty bathtub and can be allowed to paint themselves and the tiles for the only time all year.  Everyone can then have a bath and pick from a huge pile of mismatched jammies for bedtime.  Once the wee ones are fast asleep, an adult dinner and fine music can complete the evening.

6.  Italian family eating/potluck with movies for kids and crafts, then chocolate Fondue, champagne and board games for adults when the babes are in bed. Everyone stays over and we cook pancakes in the morning.  (compliments of @Babe_chilla via Twitter).

7.  ‘Family Planning’: list the top 10 books, movies and music you want to experience this coming year.  Chart a plan for activities for the kids.  Talk a bit about budget.  (See our article for help).  Then drink champagne and start saving tomorrow.

8. Bowling with the family is always fun at midnight, they give out hats and horns!  (from @LollyBopBaby via Twitter)

9. Sit with kids and illustrate with markers and paper your new year’s resolutions and share (from @kiddictionary via Twitter).

10. Celebrate New Year’s in another time zone other than your own so the kids can celebrate too. (from @tykethreads via Twitter).

Please let us know about your plans and ideas, and we will post them as they come (or just comment below).