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Why Human Milk is so Special

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The most common reason mothers probably choose to breastfeed is the knowledge that human milk is the superior infant food. It contains live cells, like those in blood. Some components of human milk also enhance the effects of others, so the ingredients of human milk work together.  Here is Why Human Milk is so Special.



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resources(2) Yum. What’s the next best thing to Mother’s milk? Check out Vitala. Vitala Milk is BC’s only all-natural milk and it gives you the additional health benefits of DHA Omega-3 and Conjugated Linolic Acid. The special Abbotsford Vitala cows are fed with enriched grain, and treated with kid gloves. Or plastic ones, anyway. (Are you laughing?) The great thing is that this milk is especially perfect for children who are transitioning from breast milk or formula.