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Cunard Embraces Solo Travellers

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Single Staterooms on CunardSingle staterooms are now available on Cunard Line cruises as Cunard embraces solo travellers with special amenities.

Cunard is recognizing the increasing popularity of solo travel, they are pleased to announce the addition of single staterooms on board Queen Elizabeth.  There will be eight outside staterooms and one inside, available for booking beginning with the 16 December 2014 sailing (voyage number Q422).

The addition of these staterooms is not the only thing being done by Cunard to cater to this growing audience.  Passengers travelling on their own can look forward to special activities organized by the ships’ social hostesses, including a welcome reception on embarkation day, coffee and cookies every sea day morning, and specially organized meeting points and excursions on port days.

Single ladies who enjoy dancing will love Queen Elizabeth’s Gentlemen Dance Hosts, who know all the formal ballroom dances and are available during evening balls held in the Queens Room.

These expansions are merely additions to Queen Elizabeth’s myriad of activities for all guests, including Cunard’s signature afternoon tea service, Cunard Insights speakers and enrichment programmes, world class retail shopping and fine dining, on board casino, spa, library and many more.

Single stateroom features include:

Ideal mid-ship location in close proximity to the social areas of the Empire Casino, the Royal Court Theater and the Queens Room
Single bed with generous width of over 47”
Large windows (outside staterooms only)

For more information about Queen Elizabeth or to book a voyage, contact your Travel Agent, call Cunard Line at 1-800-728-6273 or visit


Travel Doesn’t Need to Be Uncomfortable: Travel Beds for Small Children

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PeaPod Plus Baby Travel Bed: More like a cocoon than a bed

Urban Mommies always seem to be on the go, especially in the summer! When traveling with our little ones, finding a comfy place for them to sleep can be a source of concern.  It’s easy to feel like Goldilocks in the house of the Three Bears:  our children are too big for a pack-n-play or a crib but they are too small to be comfortable in a large adult bed.  What’s a mom to

do?  We need to find a bed that is just right, and these travel beds for small children do the trick.


The solution?  A Travel bed specially designed and shaped to accommodate infant/toddler and young child age groups.  There is an assortment from which to choose including: inflatable air mattresses, simple and light-weight cots, lightweight play yards many of which come with a bassinet for small babies.  Some travel beds are also equipped with folding bed rails for children who have a tendency to roll out of bed in the middle of the night.  Most importantly, because many of the travel beds are inflatable, they are also quite portable, light-weight and c

an easily be folded to fit into a car or a closet.

Several makers of child travel beds and different styles of travel beds are available.The Urbanmommies Editors found the following child and infant travel beds particularly pleasing:


PeaPod Plus Baby Travel Bed

Unlike the hardier and bulkier play yards of our youth, the PeaPod Plus Baby Travel Bed is more like a “travel cocoon.”  The mattress is inflatable and, when baby is finished sleeping, can be folded into a compact tote for easy carrying; no more lugging around the heavy pack-n-play! This travel bed is also outdoor-friendly: the mesh bubble blocks bugs, wind, and half of the UV rays. The mattress inflates in less than 5 minutes using the a specific pump (sold separately by Leaps and Bounds).

Guava Family GoCrib

Guava Family GoCrib

The GoCrib is a standard size, ultra-portable travel crib that packs into a lightweight backpack for families that are on the go.

Because it’s inflatable, it is pretty easy to assemble.  But, once it is set up the rigid structure creates a strong and safe environment.  The product features a 27″ x 39″ insulating mattress and a 25″ depth sleeping and play area (same as a standard play yard).


My Cot Portable Travel Bed

My Cot Portable Travel Bed

I wish that they had something like the My Cot Portable Travel Bed when I was a child.  It would have made sleeping at my grandparents’ house a lot more comfortable.  This portable cot can go to Grandma’s, day care as easily as it can be transported to sleepovers!  The bed is slightly lifted off the ground leaving enough room underneath to ensure that the children sleeping on it stay comfy and dry whether the cot is indoors and out. It even comes with its own carry bag.


Tuck-Me-In Travel Bed with Removable Mattress

We love the Tuck-Me-In Travel Bed with Removable Mattress. It’s so easy to assemble my daughter and her cousins argue about how’s turn it is to inflate the mattress.  The famous inflatable bed features a larger, fully-detached mattress, for snugglier sleepovers and easier linen changes. Soft and cushy, with a flocked surface that’s not sticky, it also built-in safety bumpers. The Tuck-Me-In  is very light and folds compactly.  The pump and tote included in the price of the bed. Further, if your little one is a sheet lover, like my daughter is, you can purchase the coordinating travel bed accessories from One Step Ahead too.


Intex Cozy Kid Air Bed

My 8 year-old daughter is begging me for a bed that can accommodate all her friends when they have a sleep over.  Rather than pull out the old sleeper sofa’s mattress, we elected to go the less time consuming and affordable route and took a look at the Cozy Kidz Airbeds.  The Intex Cozy Kid Air Bed Twin Size comes in three bright fun colors: pink, blue and orange . Both the pillow-top and mattress-top are lightly flocked which adds comfort while also preventing the sheets from sliding off of the mattress.  This is the perfect air mattress to take on a sleepover or even family camping trips. The beds are 34.5″ Wide x 62″ Long x 7″ height (slightly shorter than the average twin bed) but the dimensions may vary up to two inches depending on firmness and come with built in pillows. Even better?  The mattresses can withstand more than 200lbs which means more than one child can sit on it at a time before having to worry that they are going to cause the mattress to deflate.  One note, the mattress does not come with a built in pump.

Traveling with small children doesn’t have to be painful.  Most Urban Mommies know that the first step to having a happy child is ensuring that child has had a good night’s sleep.  With so many great travel bed choices, we know that you & your family will find the right one (or two?  or three?)  that works for you.

Good luck! And safe travels!

Disney Cruise Line Adventure

Our Disney Cruise Lines Adventure

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The call of Disney is an unmistakable one, now that my kids are getting a bit older. However, I’ve done the theme parks, and as much fun as they are, I’m not sure my youngest is quite ready for a week of ‘It’s a Small World’ at Disneyland or Disney World.  Enter the Disney Cruise. The Disney Cruise Line is specifically designed for family adventures balanced with some well-deserved R&R for mom and dad – all with the first-class style and service you’ve come to expect from anything Disney.