focus-on-performanceAs I have mentioned in the past, when the world around me is fuzzy and unclear, I become dizzy and my confidence level gets a huge jolt – and not in a good way.  Youth in sports at a competitive level must experience this as well – especially when under intense pressure to perform.  As a delinquent with glasses (I either forget them or sit on them), I had a pressing question for Kaylyn Kyle and Soflens®.

JA: Do you see a change in the way youth play sports and their level of confidence when they make the switch from glasses to contacts?

Here is Kaylyn’s video response!

Kaylyn Kyle SoftlensOne of the benefits of my role at UrbanMommies is that I have the opportunity to experience new things and am constantly pushed in new directions.  Often our staff is given the chance to be on the cutting edge of new research and products that genuinely help people.  Those times, and our ability to share information and products that really make a difference, are the high points of the job.  The insights I have been given into contact lenses through Kaylyn and Bausch + Lomb (and my subsequent confidence boost) have been some of the true highlights of my year.  I hope that youth and parents everywhere can share the gift of sight and confidence.