I love to run and where I live that means running on country roads. I’ve written about my love of running in the past and also about my desire to be safe while running. Being safe can mean a lot of different things – making sure someone knows where I’m headed on my route, or at least has an idea of the general direction I’m headed – being aware of my surroundings in case drivers aren’t aware of me – even knowing where the cows are out to pasture so I don’t startle them which WILL startle me.

I’ve been fortunate enough to return from all of my runs safely. Now I’ve got some added protection – in case I have a problem.

Road ID


This wonderful addition to my watch (and it comes to fit a wide variety of brands) makes me feel more secure. My name, other important information, drug allergies, and a saying I love are now right on my wrist. I wear my watch every single day so now I’m covered.

The Road ID arrived and I immediately realized how much I needed this. I should wear (and now do because of Road ID) a medical bracelet. I’m a Type II Diabetic. I’m allergic to multiple common antibiotics. I’m also allergic to a common pain medicine given for injuries. This information is now on me, discreetly, and readily available if needed.

Besides running, I am an avid snowboarder. Now that my family has grown in our snowboarding abilities, we are doing more challenging terrain. Trees, jumps, some park …. While I always wear a helmet and wrist guards, injuries can still happen. My Road ID gives me another layer of protection should I be hurt while riding.

If I’m being totally honest, I’m a huge klutz. Huge. I trip, fall, and seem to find my way into a variety of weird situations that have, on occasion, caused injuries. (Line drive foul baseball to the face – while in the stands, torn plantar fascia – while playing parents vs. 10-year-olds softball,  tripping on the treadmill – because I was jamming out to my music….) In other words, Road ID is a good idea for me as a human being – not just as a runner.

I feel I’m safer just wearing this. On a treadmill, on the road, snowboarding, or even driving. If the worst were to happen, my basic information is readily available to first responders.

I’m never taking this thing off. And like the saying I choose to have on my Road ID – I’ll “Never Give Up.”

Disclosure: The nice folks at Road ID provided a sample for my use but these are my honest opinions.