The holidays are approaching and I’m in a complete nesting mode. The only problem with cleaning out closets and eliminating clutter is that I now see very clearly the marks on the hardwood, out of place art and burnt-out lightbulbs. No more. There may be kids and pets in the house, but my home needs to be a sanctuary. I not only want to eliminate anything the family doesn’t adore, but I’m determined to fix my biggest pet peeves. And while I’m at it, see how much money I can save with coupons.  Here are my 5 quick home decor fixes that will spruce up life before the holidays!

Looking around my home, I came up with a list:

1. The Kitchen Floor. Living on an island where it rains half the year, hardwood floor is a horrible idea on one of the spaces leading to our decks. It was refinished 8 years ago but is scratched and horrible looking. Worse, I often photograph food and product in the kitchen and work hard to avoid shots of the floor. Renting an industrial sander and redoing it seems such a pain that it’s been on my ‘list’ for a couple of years. I need a quick and inexpensive solution for the holidays.

2. Kitchen Lighting. I need more light, and tried to replace bulb in the existing track lighting but it’s so old that even replacing the lights themselves won’t work. We have 3 tracks and I’m going to replace them all.

3. Unframed Art. While at the Dad 2.0 Summit in New Orleans, I had a live sketch done and it’s still in the tube.

4. Our house number is only at one entrance, which is a big issue in case of emergency and the fire department has to look at a map.

5. Mood lighting. The kids’ bedrooms tend to be dark and they both want to sleep with the light on.

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