It’s almost June, and summer is upon us! Finally, it’s time for lazy days and scavenger hunts. But before we leave school we must be thankful to the incredible teachers who have nurtured our kids over the past year. Teacher gifts needn’t be expensive, but all must be given with gratitude and joy.  Here are a few ideas..

1.  The coolest necklace ever.

2.  A potted plant with the pot painted in chalkboard paint.  Write “Thank you for helping me Grow” in chalk right on the pot.

3.  A box of home-baked cookies with a super-cute label.

4.  School board budgets aren’t what they used to be.  A great new ergonomic chair for behind the teacher’s desk could improve both posture and morale.  This one won’t break the bank.

5.  A ‘Notebook’ T-Shirt.  Have all of the kids sign it!  Idea from Dollar Store Crafts

6.  Have a big class?  Everyone could chip in for this stunning Coach wristlet. That would be a gift to remember for an eternity.

7.  With free time in the summer, it’s the perfect opportunity for a weekend getaway.  Fill a snazzy new suitcase with a few toiletries and maps, and have the kids in the class each draw a picture of where they think their teacher should go.  Luggage: Heys Eco Orbis made from 100% recycled plastic.

8.  Have every child in the class write a letter about their most memorable moment throughout the year.  Wrap a big box filled with all of the letters.

9.  Sometimes male teachers can be hard to buy for.  We’re not guys, but if anyone is wondering, we’d really love to get a portable Weber BBQ for the beach.  This is the Weber Q120.  MMMMM.

10.  Our office tested out this 2022 iPad Air and loved it. It comes in lavender, and features the M1 chip.