Having just moved across the country, I weeded out a ton of unnecessary or disposable clutter before I left. There was an entire drawer full of sunglasses! Some were broken but most were cheap giveaway pairs that are handed out at conferences and tennis matches. No more. From now on I will invest in good pieces for my wardrobe. It’s about longevity, not abundance. This is the only responsible course of action for the planet.

A Focus on Style

Headed to Turks and Caicos with the family, I decided to focus more on style and fashion. I want to be fun. Have fun. Have my kids think I’m fun! Buying a pink tutu was a good start. But then the focus shifted to upping my sunglasses game. I was offered the opportunity to try out Smart Buy Glasses. They sell contact lenses, eyeglasses and sunglasses and I was shocked at the deals. Tom Ford, Rayban, Versace, Prada. Nice.

Jill Amery DiorPretty in Pink

I went for Dior. Because, well, French. And also pink. There is a 3D try-on feature that helped me choose. But mostly, it was the two-tone funkiness of the sunglasses that hooked me. It was shocking how fast they came, and the packaging was impeccable.

The Turks and Caicos Photoshoot

Equipped with the tutu and my new Dior Split Glasses, we set out for a stunning resort. Drinks on the beach, leaning lazily against palm trees and watching the kids play in the ocean made for a perfect afternoon. The kids were pretty impressed with my ‘cool’ factor. And the bartenders couldn’t stop talking about the glasses. Asking for another beachy champagne cocktail and taking a deep breath, I knew that I’d order again in a couple years – and stop collecting disposable sunglasses.