Chevrolet not only makes awesome vehicles, but they sponsor the Safe and Fun Hockey program.¬†Over the last three years Chevrolet has handed out more than 35,000 free hockey helmets to parents of 5-year-olds in Canada. If your child is five and enrolled in a hockey program, Chevrolet will send you a fantastic Bauer helmet. Amazing!!!! Fitness, safety and of course Canada’s unofficial national pastime. WHEN KIDS ENJOY THE GAME EVERYONE WINS. True, right? The kids with screaming hockey parents or those who are petrified of their coach don’t really enjoy the game. And nobody will enjoy any sport if they come home with a concussion.

What is a Concussion?

A concussion is the immediate and temporary alteration of mental functioning due to trauma to the head or body.

How do you Identify Symptoms of a Concussion?

** If a player loses consciousness, call an ambulance.

– Loss of consciousness
– Poor concentration
– Headache or dizziness
– Nausea
– Ringing in the ears
– Seeing stars, seeing double, blurred vision or loss of vision

Later Symptoms of a Concussion Include

– Memory loss
– Sensitivity to light or ringing in the ears
– Sleepiness or insomnia
– Fatigue

What I loved about the presentation and session on concussion was that it reinforces the parenting belief that instincts are very important. If your child is acting differently than they have for years, as a parent you know better than anyone that there could be a problem. Trust yourself.

What Should I do if a player suffers a concussion?

– Remove the player from the game or practice
– Don’t leave the player alone. Monitor signs and symptoms
– Don’t administer medication
– Inform the parent or guardian
– Have the player evaluated by a medical doctor.

There are six steps to return to play. Many hockey stars like Sidney Crosby who have followed these slow guidelines have been able to return to the game.

Returning to Sports After Concussion





Parachute helps Canadians reduce their risks of injury and enjoy long lives lived to the fullest. Injury prevention strategies will help parents educate their children, and those who work with their children, about how to prevent and manage concussions.

So use your instincts, pay attention to your kids, grab a helmet and watch them flourish and enjoy as they feel safe.

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