Fall is usually the impeccable period to initiate new family movie traditions for several years to come. As winter is imminent, gather round to pop some corn, cozy up on the couch under a blanket and play the favourite movies of your family on Netflix.

Do you wonder how you can get your kids excited and add more fun to family viewing? Then, incorporate the following to your season activities:

  • Set up a popcorn bar with crowd-pleasing candy toppings – M&M’s, Swedish Berries and pretzels are our favourite additions! This initiate great enthusiasm among your kids.
  • Turn your kids into movie critics by encouraging critical thinking and verbal expression. After the credits roll, ask questions about the movie and allow them to tell their own story – ensure you capture their great excitements for your post! This is ‘’play way’’ method of learning and improving their intelligence.
  • Get moving and dance! After sitting and lounging through your family’s favourite picks, take some time to turn up the soundtrack at the end of the show, jump off the couch with your kids and bust a move!