That time of year is upon us again, ladies, when we ask ourselves the age-old question: tie or socks? I usually like to go rogue and get him both but this Father’s Day, I want to think outside of the ‘workwear accessories’ box. My partner is a great dad and an incredibly thoughtful man; he does the things that I don’t even realize need doing, like restocking the fridge with cream for my coffee and making sure our toddler treat cupboard is well-stocked. And he is always ready when he knows I need a break, a few minutes to decompress. I keep these things close to my heart when I come home to his dirty socks on my living room table: because marriage, right?

We’re smack dab in the midst of a lifestyle change, too: going to the gym, getting outside more, and prioritizing outdoor activities with our toddler—so Father’ Day candy and a steak dinner are out too.

One day, in conversation, someone mentioned ‘drones’ and after a tiny amount of digging, I knew this was going to be the Best. Father’s Day. Ever. I started researching and got a handle on the various specs—I was obsessed. And then the best thing happened. One of my top drone company picks asked me if we wanted to do a Father’s Day test drive.

Drones are basically “ultra technologically connected robots.” Basically, they’re a variety of things that are connected to and piloted by your smartphone or tablet. Finally, I’d be handing my husband a reason to have his phone in his hands all day. And since we’re outdoors and together, the whole family can even get on board.

Like dads, drones come in all shapes, sizes, and functionalities, here are some of the ones I discovered on this adventure:


Parrot Jumping Minidrone

The Jumping Minidrones

Called ‘Night’ and ‘Race’, the jumpers are equipped with a camera, microphone, and speakers, and can jump to a distance of 2.5 feet in height or distance. I’m thinking that’s high enough to jump over my toddler, aka buy me a few hours to attack the laundry pile, right?


Parrot Airborne Minidrone

The Airborne Minidrones

These drones are my fave! ‘Night’ and ‘Cargo’ can both rip through the air at 11mph, and the Cargo drone is capable of carrying and moving small objects. (Hey honey, our daughter’s scattered Lego collection needs organizing!)


Parrot Hydrofoil Minidrone

The Hydrofoil Minidrone

This minidrone is extra cool because it can hover over and glide along bodies of water at a speed of 6 mph…and it’s also airborne!

All the minidrones are easily portable for the days you head to the park, the beach, or even just for scoping out the neighbourhood. A great excuse to get our whole family outside this summer, drones are definitely the new ‘it” thing in our home—I love them, my toddler loves them, and… oh yes, of course, this is a Father’s Day gift…daddy is smitten too.