kids and environmentAs a parent there are so many things to consider – but what good is all of the hard work on attachment parenting if we have no planet by the time the kids reach 21?  We need to stop hurting our planet – and fast.  With all of the things to remember as a parent or through pregnancy, you don’t need more to think about (and feel guilty for), so we’ve come up with a few easy tips that could easily become habits.  Remember that kids learn what they are shown.

1. Stash a foldable bag in your purse.
2. Clip a carabenor and a stylish coffee mug to your diaper bag.
3. Turn off the tap (listen to Bobs and Lolo’s ‘Powersmart Song’ for extra inspiration).
4. …and the lights.
5. Take your dead batteries to Ikea (and grab the 99 cent breakfast too).
6. Yard sales, Craigslist, antique shops and Value Village keep the economy going – and you recycle instead of tossing stuff.
7. Know about the rebate programs to upgrade your windows and furnace, etc. It might hurt the wallet now, but you could get a rebate and save over time (plus do the environment a favour).
8.  Scan papers, learn about your computer’s functions and stop printing.
9.  Register for e-post and start getting your bills by e-mail.  It could also help you stay organized.
10.  When you’re having a party, consider your options – we love the goodies, banners, and sustainable dishes at Green Planet Parties.
11. Use a clothesline or rack to dry clothes – even once a week would help.
12.  When you have a choice, pick a vegetarian option once in a while.  It requires 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef.  You might even see your waistline shrink.
13.  Do like the ancestors.  Buy an assortment of cloth napkins (you can save the Frette for company) and throw them in the wash.  You are doing a bit of laundry anyway, aren’t you?
14.  Have a shower.  Together.  And check our Sex During Pregnancy article.
15.  Buy local food.  Not only are you saving transportation costs and emissions, but, well, it tastes better.  (Have you ever had a meal in France cooked from the produce at the market?
16.  Wow.  Most of this stuff is as good for the soul as the environment.  Make a list.  Do your errands all in a row, and save gas, time, childcare costs..
17.  Stop phone book delivery.  You’re reading this.  We’re sure you are pretty familiar with Goggle too..
18.  We like this one.  Go to a car wash.  It’s more efficient than doing it yourselves, and, well, you will need fewer manicures too.
19.  Use a piece of spaghetti to stir your coffee.  Compost it afterwards.
20.  Close your fireplace damper in the winter.  Manual please.  (Just get him to do it). But it’ll save you lots of money as well as the environment.

Jill Amery really likes the environment and nature and trees and all of the stuff that she wants her kids to enjoy one day too.