Breastfeeding takes a lot of commitment. It seems to happen painlessly in concept, but in reality it takes practice and perseverance. Make sure you get all the help you can from lactation consultants in the hospital, and know how to access one from home if you still need advice. Some public health units have lactation consultants on hand that you can consult with for free. If this is not the case in your community, you can consider hiring a lactation consultant that will visit you in your home. Don’t be discouraged – difficulty breastfeeding seems to be the biggest problem experienced by the women at mom group so know that you are not alone. Try not to be anxious about it because anxiety effects your production; the more relaxed you are the better things will be.

The three tips given by my public health nurse were: rest as much as possible, pump every three hours no matter what to get your supply up and drink lots of water, particularly a glass when you are nursing. There are a number of things you could try to increase your production  such as adjusting your diet and trying a nursing tea, which usually contains fennel.

You can consult your public health unit, hire a lactation consultant or contact your local La Leche League for additional support. There are lots of resources available in your community.

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