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 Several years ago, on a freezing cold, snowy Valentine’s day, my sweet boyfriend of several years popped the question. Though some may scoff at a February 14th proposal, I still think it was thoughtful, romantic, and a bit old-fashioned in the very best way.

When he was to pick me up for dinner that evening, I stepped outside my apartment building expecting to see his familiar silver sedan; I was instead greeted by a shiny black limousine parked out front. Confused, I looked around for my boyfriend, but in moments he stepped out of the limo smiling sheepishly and looking beyond handsome in his dark gray suit, holding a dozen red roses.

After a long romantic dinner in the city, I thought we were simply taking the long way home, winding around the various city lakes, but our limo suddenly stopped alongside one of our favorite outdoor spots. My boyfriend had become increasingly quiet during the ride, and the butterflies in my stomach were now swarming uncontrollably with anticipation.

Without saying a word, he took me by the hand and led me to the one spot on the trail that overlooks the entire Minneapolis skyline.

The frosty air, the glowing sunset, the frozen lake with a fresh layer of sparkling snow, and most of all, the sentiment, felt perfect.

I of course said yes, and he placed the beautiful ring he had secretly chosen on my finger.

Every Valentine’s Day since that one, after we tuck our children into their beds, my husband and I share a quiet moment together to remember that special night. What better way to end (or start?) a romantic evening than with a luscious cocktail using special glassware and everyone’s favorite after-dinner spirit?

This simple Peppermint Baileys Martini tastes like winter romance in a glass and is sure to warm your spirit. Cheers!


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