Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly! If you’d love to get away but can’t afford the time or cost, why not plan a staycation in your own town, or somewhere within driving distance? A staycation is an easy way to get away from the kids for a night, or the weekend, it’s cheaper than a big vacation and you get to explore your own town as a couple. There are many ways to make it romantic and I’ve got a step-by-step process to make it easy!

First – you can’t have a staycation without a hotel! When I’m looking for an awesome hotel the first thing I do is check out reviews on Trip Advisor or Expedia.

I generally look for a property with a good price, mainly good reviews and look for a property that has the amenities I want. Some of the amenities you may want for a romantic staycation are restaurants on site or nearby so you can have a glass of wine and walk back to your hotel, suites or king size beds, hot tubs (bonus if it’s in the room) and room service. Trust me on this one! I’ll let you know why later! You can also do a search in your area for Valentine’s day packages. Often hotels will do up a package with dinner, breakfast and parking included or even a massage or special event! My husband and I loved the Black Rock Beach Resort in Ucluelet, BC. They had the most romantic atmosphere and hot tubs outside overlooking the ocean!

Black Rock Beach Resort - How to Plan a Romantic Staycation for Valentine's Day

Second – Now that you’ve found your hotel, if you didn’t book a package, you’re going to want to call the hotel to book your room and ask them if they can do a few special things for you. You’re going to want a late check out the next day, wine and roses placed in the room, and ask them if you can pre-order room service for breakfast the next day. All of these little things will really let your spouse know you’ve put a lot of thought into this night out!

Third – This might actually be the first thing you want to do if you think you’re going to have a hard time finding someone. You’re going to want to book a family member to take care of your kids for the night or an overnight babysitter to stay at your house. Make sure it’s someone your spouse trusts so that they’re not worried about the kids all night long when you’re supposed to be having fun!

Fourth – It’s time to find an amazing restaurant for your Valentine’s Day meal. This is where you go back to those trusty review sites. Try Yelp, Opentable or again Trip Advisor. You can also ask family or friends for recommendations of their favorite romantic restaurants but don’t post on social media if you want the weekend to be a surprise. Before you book your reservation make sure you check out the menu to be absolutely sure you both will find something you like and it’s not completely out of your price range. (Like $100 an ounce steak.) Don’t forget to check the dress code of the restaurant in case you need a jacket.

Fifth – This one is all about being creative and fun. You’re going to want to add something unique to your night or weekend. A few ideas are: a private tour of the city, a horse-drawn carriage tour, a tour of your local brewery, a night at the theatre, or a comedy show. Of course you could get a little more adventurous and go for a kayak tour the next day, to a trampoline gym, go rock climbing or take a helicopter tour. This part of the staycation is where you get to play tourist in your own town. Do something different! Don’t just go to the movies. Take a look at your tourism bureau’s website and find something that you’ve never done before in your own town and just go for it!

How to Plan A Romantic Staycation