As far as traveling with young children goes during spring break, Fort Myers Beach, Florida is about as good (and easy) as it gets. After taking one of the many available non-stop flights to the Southwest Florida airport, you’ll find a small, narrow island off the gulf coast, with vast stretches of soft, pale pink sand, clear ocean water, and not a single high-rise hotel in sight.

In fact, most of the available lodging is at the various condos lining the beach, many of which are adjacent to the ocean. There are a few smaller hotels, but renting a condo is your best bet when traveling with children: condos have kitchens, and often more than one bedroom and bathroom. All of this leads to an increased probability of retaining your sanity. Plus, renting is often less expensive than a hotel stay.

On that note, Happy Baby Rentals is every parent’s dream. You can affordably rent baby and kid items to remain comfortable during your stay in south Florida. From cribs to walkers, to strollers and beach umbrellas, checking out this company is a must.


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 Food is important on vacation, and as far as we’re concerned, every vacation destination needs at least two types of eateries: a great beachside bar and a quaint cafe. Ft. Myers Beach has both.

Grown-ups can stroll right along the sandy beach to fetch a cocktail at the old standby, The Outrigger Tiki Bar, for that classic pina colada with rum floater. You’ll often catch local cover bands jamming with some beachy tunes while you’re there.

Ft. Myer's BeachBall Shot

For visitors of all ages, the adorable Truly Scrumptious Restaurant and Cafe offers over a dozen flavors of unique, delightful ice cream (think “Snickerlicous”), as well as coffee and kid-friendly breakfast and dinner foods.

When visiting the island, keep in mind is that things tend to run on Island Time. Service can be slow, especially at popular spots like the Fish House, a cheerful fish shack in the heart of what is known as “Times Square,” the hustle and bustle of Ft. Myers Beach. Bring coloring books and other toys when dining out as a family.

If you’re able to wrangle someone to stay with your little ones (perhaps you brought a grandparent along?), a special date night should involve the local romantic restaurant with great South Florida fare, the South Beach Grille.

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Itching for a simple kid-friendly excursion, or wish to explore the surrounding area on a less-than-sunny day? A 45 minute drive to the Naples Zoo is worth a day trip, as is exploring the Italian-esque city of downtown Naples.

Finally, if your husband volunteers to supervise the kids solo so that you can enjoy some glorious, well-deserved alone time, make getting a massage at The Esterra Spa and Salon a priority. What’s a vacation without a massage?

Cheers and happy travels!

Treasures of Fort Meyers Beach