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Dry During the Day but Wet at Night

grow, LIVE By June 13, 2017 No Comments

The term ‘bedwetter’ is so awful. You just can’t possibly get a positive vibe as the recipient of this label. Some words come with so much baggage, and this particular one should be stricken from the dictionary. We’ll get Merriam-Webster right on that. In truth, nighttime wetting is a completely separate issue from potty training. While a parent can train their child out of diapers, nighttime wetting is something that can’t be trained and must be outgrown. It’s an inevitable and common part of growing up and we want all parents to feel at ease during this phase in their child’s life.


National Geographic Family Field Guide

grow, LIVE By February 1, 2017 No Comments

Whether it’s ideas for how Star Wars can inspire STEM learning to why it’s important to have kids help plan the family vacay, the National Geographic Family Field Guide is the place to be. Communicating with parents is super important at National Geographic in order to further the company’s core values, and sometimes kids devour the witty, respectful content so fast that parents can get left behind. No longer!

political learning censored

Political Learning: Censored For the First Time

grow, LIVE By October 18, 2016 1 Comment

I’m ready for the election to come to a close. I want my vote to count, my opinion to matter, and to have political discussions with rational people. I am not one to force my opinions on others. Frequently I ask people with different opinions to explain their stance to me. I ask not with an agenda of undermining or changing their beliefs. I ask with the goal of learning a new point of view.

Bully is The Girl Next Door

When the Bully is The Girl Next Door

FAM, grow, kids, LIVE By October 5, 2016 No Comments

She is beautiful. She doesn’t know it, not yet—but she is starting to become self-aware. When I looked into her face, she wouldn’t meet my eyes as she allocuted and apologized, in that soft voice. I absently noted that her eyebrows were growing in, heavy and awkward. The arch seemed wrong. I realized that it was something she had done herself, probably from a video on YouTube, or one of the many sites she visits on her phone and her tablet. She doesn’t have limits on her screen time, she never has.


Moms—Keeping Handwriting Alive, One Letter at a Time #BICFFYW

grow, play, tech By August 31, 2016 1 Comment

My daughter just started preschool and all I can think about is how fast time flies. As parents, I guess we don’t really see the time passing us by until the day we watch our babies walk…out the door for their first day of university.

“Wait..what do you mean you don’t need your blankie anymore?!”

But enough projecting, sometimes it’s all we can do to keep up with their learning pace, so when my three and a half year old started correcting me in our dialogue, I realized that it might be time to get her into preschool.

So much has changed in the school system since my time, and (as a writer and a self-proclaimed anglophile/English history fanatic) I was really sad to hear about the phasing out of cursive writing in schools. Handwriting is an art, perhaps, but it also serves a very basic and necessary function: communication. Once cursive is gone, it won’t be long before the almighty type will begin to chip away at all the options for putting pen to paper. But I will be here to set the example for my child—when she’s ready, she’ll learn it from me.

olympic moms

Lessons from the Games: Olympic Moms represent all of us

fitness, grow, LIVE, play, self By August 30, 2016 No Comments

I don’t know about you—but my body is definitely not the same since I gave birth. Sparing the gory details, let’s just say that some parts are not where they once were. So, for that reason (among many others), I was blown away by watching the Olympic champions competing in Rio de Janeiro this year…who also happen to be moms.

“How do they do it?” I ask myself. These moms prove that women aren’t past their prime after producing life, instead they highlight how powerful moms are by competing and excelling in the Olympic games. I figure, perhaps it’s because of how powerful we have to be every single day. I mean, let’s be real: women who can withstand childbirth can break records in any endeavour we set our minds to. We can achieve all of our goals and make our dreams come true, because we’ve already faced the greatest challenge: kids.

finance for kids

Finance for Kids | 3 Tips for Teaching Them to Love Saving

grow, LIVE By August 17, 2016 20 Comments

“I want your phone,” declares my two-year-old after breakfast.

“No,” I respond.

“I want your phone,” she reiterates. Again, she’s met with a resounding no. She decides to move on.

“I want your tablet,” she counters, hoping to get a rise out of me. Even more so, she asks hoping that I give her something to stop her requests.

Smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and other expensive toys have dominated our children’s lives in the past few years and the anticipated costs of raising children will continue to rise as their “toys” become increasingly luxurious.

But how do you make the children more responsible? How do you help them understand the value of their (and your) things?

You make them pay.

swimming lessons for kids

Choosing the right swimming lessons for kids

grow, LIVE By August 3, 2016 No Comments

I grew up in the water and for me, swimming is just like walking. It comes naturally—or I always assumed it did. As a child I took lessons at the local club, where the instructors threw me in the deep end, shouting that there were alligators under the grates. I’m sure the throwing in was done ‘safely’, but it was terrifying and to this day my heart rate goes up when I swim over filters and grates in the bottom of the pool. After that particular set of lessons, my mother apologized, she enrolled me at the public pool and I learned to swim in a fun, safe, encouraging environment.