The term ‘bedwetter’ is so awful. You just can’t possibly get a positive vibe as the recipient of this label. Some words come with so much baggage, and this particular one should be stricken from the dictionary. We’ll get Merriam-Webster right on that. In truth, nighttime wetting is a completely separate issue from potty training. While a parent can train their child out of diapers, nighttime wetting is something that can’t be trained and must be outgrown. It’s an inevitable and common part of growing up and we want all parents to feel at ease during this phase in their child’s life.

While grandparents and other parents may have THE ANSWERS, chances are they are actually myths. I have been are working with child and family therapist Michele Kambolis, to help educate moms on the differences between potty training and nighttime wetting. Did you know that cutting off liquids after dinner doesn’t make a difference? That it’s hereditary? And that you are not the worst parent on the planet for not ‘nipping it in the bud’?

Our ‘Anything Can Happen Thursday’ Facebook Live series on June 15th at noon pst will be an interview between Michele and I about nighttime wetting, self-esteem (have you had family members not want to stay with you our of embarrassment that their little one will wet the mattress?) and tips. You can RSVP right on our page and we’ll ping you when the chat begins so you can get your questions in! During the chat, there will also be some treats to surprise and delight you! Because it will be live, you can ask questions as we talk and we’ll be there with tons of information and personal stories. (We’d love to hear yours, too!)

For children that are fully daytime dry but have yet to achieve nighttime dryness, GoodNites has just launched a new XS size in their Bedtime Pants product line. It offers a smaller, less bulky leg fit for those little ones just transitioning out of their potty training stage.

So pop in on Thursday to share, ask, listen and get reassured. We’re a village, remember!

Disclosure: This campaign is sponsored by GoodNites. All opinions and experiences are our own.