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Science World: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Innovators Today!

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Science World Birthday LogoDairy Queen birthday parties are so 80s! A clown or magician? So last century! Bouncy castles? Well that’s just 2000-‘n-late! A birthday party at the Telus World of Science is timeless and will be a guaranteed highlight in your child’s memories. You and your child will be a hit with all your child’s friends–and their parents–as the children will not only enjoy mountains of fun but will also learn that science is a pretty darn cool thing! Science World, as most Vancouverites call it, excels in creating exciting games out of scientific principles. Just be prepared for when it’s time to leave because the kids will not be happy that it’s time to go!


Mother Goose

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One of the hardest parts of being a new parent is the isolation you can feel.  Are you doing the right thing?  What are other babies like?  Do I know my baby’s cues?..  Parent-Child Mother Goose is a phenomenal program offered across Canada that can provide you with insight into your child, give you wonderful rhymes and music to sing, and connect you with other parents. 


Explaining Death to a Child

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The other day, my toddler wanted to know where his daddy’s mommy was.  She died ten years ago of cancer, and I was stunned that he was already sensing the absent family connection.  How young is too young to explain death?  Experts agree that the correct terminology is a good place to start.  ‘Passing away’, ‘expiring’ or ‘putting down’ simply don’t compute with the little ones.