Science World Birthday LogoDairy Queen birthday parties are so 80s! A clown or magician? So last century! Bouncy castles? Well that’s just 2000-‘n-late! A birthday party at the Telus World of Science is timeless and will be a guaranteed highlight in your child’s memories. You and your child will be a hit with all your child’s friends–and their parents–as the children will not only enjoy mountains of fun but will also learn that science is a pretty darn cool thing! Science World, as most Vancouverites call it, excels in creating exciting games out of scientific principles. Just be prepared for when it’s time to leave because the kids will not be happy that it’s time to go!

Science World is its own little planet of learning and fun in the heart of Vancouver and you don’t even need a space shuttle to visit. The landmark, twinkling, silver-globe that houses Science World and the Imax theatre is enticing for children even before they step inside. Once inside, they’ll learn many basic science principles they’ll encounter in school in a dynamic, interactive and exciting environment. The science in their school textbooks will jump off the page in a memorable way, inspiring and expanding their creative and analytical minds, shaping the way they see the world and giving them a boost for their science education. The great thinkers and inventors of tomorrow are the children of today and it’s important to expose young minds early to the possibilities of our universe.

With its six themed galleries and varying demonstrations, presentations and films in the Science Theatre, Centre Stage and OMNIMAX Theatre, it’s a great place to visit any day and kids of all ages will learn something new. The Eureka Gallery is bound to be popular as children can run around and interact with very large and unique science demonstrations that will illuminate principles of light, sound, air, water, motion and machinery. It’s sure to inspire many “Eureka!” moments! The newly renovated Search gallery will guide patrons on a journey through the wonders and history of the natural world featuring a dinosaur skeleton, tropical frogs, an interactive beaver dam and an 800-year-old Western Red Cedar tree! The Our World exhibit features modern life and asks visitors to contemplate how their actions will shape the future. The BodyWorks exhibit explores human biology and anatomy through games and other hands-on demonstrations. There’s also a Kidspace for younger children to play and much more excitement!

There are several different themed birthday parties available for children of all ages, including a specialized preschool party and other new party packages. There is a Science Surprise Party that will be sure to astonish even the adults in the crowd, an Insects Party for those budding entomologists, and a chemistry-themed party for the “Wow!” factor! There is limited birthday party space so it’s important to book your child’s birthday party well ahead of time. Your pre-booked party will include a zany and knowledgeable Science World host who will personally guide your children in their Science World journey, time to explore all the exciting science and activity galleries, and a decorated, private party room for birthday party musts like cake and presents.

So bring your children and their friends and parents to an exciting planet of fun and learning. Visit the Telus World of Science Website for more details. No astronaut training required to go to this amazing world! Hey, can I have my next birthday party there?

-Danica Longair