What fun!  There’s nothing quite like planting seeds with your toddler or watching a rose bloom while pregnant.  1.  Check out McKenzie Seedsspecifically packaged for kids at your local garden store. (Pumpkin Spooky is a good one).  The website also features some cool games and colouring.

2.  You can get smaller-sized garden tools and wheelbarrows at Canadian Tire and Superstore.

3.  Make sure you’re not using fertilizers and pesticides in your yard.  There are organic alternatives, or you can make them yourself.

Soapy Garlic Garden Spray for weeds
1 head of garlic and 2 cups of boiling water and let it sit overnight
2 tsp vegetable oil
1 tsp liquid soap
4.  Do a special garden just for the kids.  Get them to pick the flowers or veggies.
5.  Special event?  Plant a shrub in honour of the christening, birth, or first birthday and watch it grow for years to come.

6.  While you’re in the garden, don’t forget to collect bugs and insects.  What great learning, and loads of fun too.