One of the hardest parts of being a new parent is the isolation you can feel.  Are you doing the right thing?  What are other babies like?  Do I know my baby’s cues?..  Parent-Child Mother Goose is a phenomenal program offered across Canada that can provide you with insight into your child, give you wonderful rhymes and music to sing, and connect you with other parents.  The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program started in 1986 in Toronto, Ontario. A group of parents and their babies and young children gathered in a church basement in a low income neighbourhood to meet with two teachers who taught them rhymes and songs to use with their children, and also told them stories for their own delight. The founders of the program, Celia Lottridge and Katherine Grier, were inspired by a pilot project created by Barry Dickson and Joan Bodger. They found that the shared words, actions, images and feelings of rhymes and stories enhanced the relationship between parents and their children and gave them long-lasting resources.


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