I’ve spent my entire adult life searching high and low for the best bathroom cleaner that removes soap scum off the glass like a magic wand. If I found anything that promised to “clean your shower doors in minutes” and make my glass so clean and clear that I’ll repeatedly walk into it, it never worked. Or, it took multiple washes, and by the time my shower was “clean,” I killed millions of brain cells and fried my nose hairs from the stench of bleach and chemicals.

Cleaning the Shower Doors

The cats wouldn’t get near me and my kids told me I smelled funny. I didn’t even have a result to be proud of. Most of the time, it simply looked like I used a bar of soap to wipe the doors down—contrary to what one might think, soap doesn’t actually kill it’s own scum.

I told my friend Andrea I was advocating for cleaning by way of a wrecking ball to my entire bathroom.

“Use Thieves,” she said.

“What do you mean?” I asked. “Like, invite some burglars into my home to clean the shower doors?”

“No,” she said as she rolled her eyes. “The essential oil. Add some drops of lemon for tougher spots. Lemon oil.”



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The Horrors of Soap Residue

I was skeptical. Maybe essential oils can be used topically to help alleviate a sore muscle, headaches, or oncoming colds. Maybe they really do improve your mood, and kill it at eliminating the funky smell in your garbage disposal, but two months worth of soap scum? No way. Even a pressure washer couldn’t chip this stuff off. If this soap residue had been etched into the glass, it would’ve be easier to remove. Of course, we all get to a point when we’ve given up so much hope that we’ll try anything. So, I did. I filled a large glass bowl full of hot water. I added six drops of Thieves oil and ten drops of lemon oil. I stepped into my shower and started wiping the glass with a washcloth. This is what happened:


I stood there for a minute trying to process what I had just witnessed. The residue simply disappeared like, well, like thieves in the night. I hadn’t been this blown away since McDonald’s brought back the McRib sandwich. It was a very spiritual moment.

No need for Bleach

You’d be right if you guessed that I dropped to the floor faster than a Kardashian can do a duck-face selfie and started scrubbing like a crazy person. This mixture pulled up mold that three bleach killers couldn’t loosen. It cleaned up scum and slime I’ve never even knew was there. It deodorized my shower with a lovely scent that wasn’t harmful to breathe, so I was free to stay confined in my little shower prison until the cows came home. When it was all finished, only twenty minutes later, instead of sloughing skin off my palms for the rest of the week—thanks to six different types of chemical burns—my hands were soft.

Before that day, I didn’t know much about Thieves. What I know now is that it’s a natural mold and bacteria cleaner. It smells better than bleach, and it’s cost effective. A little goes a very long way. Most importantly, it’s safe to use on my kids bathrooms—I don’t have to spend fifteen minutes rinsing the chemicals off the tub before they get in. It’s also a great degreaser for the kitchen which will come in handy when I have to clean up after our McRib dinner.

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Clean Your Shower Door in minutes and remove all that soap scum with essential oils!