I know I’m not the only mom who dreams of long soaks in a beautiful spa shower or of spending a quiet evening reading a great book in a whirlpool bath. Of course, when you have young children like I do, the reality is bathroom time is (at best) fast and functional. All the more reason to create a space that is inviting, and maybe even inspiring. Whether you’re in desperate need of more storage, hope to streamline your space, or you’ve simply grown tired of the decor you currently have, you can completely transform your bathroom next weekend.

Add depth without a bit of demolition

You might feel like the only solution is tearing down the walls and starting over, however there are plenty of ways to to add new life and depth without a single sledgehammer. Naturally, paint is a simple solution, and one that can be used with great effect in the typically smaller size of a bathroom.

But why not take it a step further by adding texture to the walls? Even a single accent wall can give you new depth and a fresh look. Wallpaper is a quick way to add texture and completely change the feeling of any room. Whether you choose a bolder pattern to add visual texture, or a more neutral tone with a textured surface, the effect will be a redefined space.

Perhaps my favorite option for adding texture is by adding one or more gallery walls. Not only will the frames give new depth to the space, there are endless possibilities to explore. Have fun – mix and match your frames, then get creative in filling them! Postcard collections from your favorite vacations, beautiful photos from last year’s calendar, even your children’s best artwork can all take on new life.


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Think linear for storage and function

One of the biggest problems, especially for city-dwellers like me, is finding attractive storage. Bathroom pose a particularly challenge if you don’t have a proper linen closet or spacious vanity.

The solutions drive me up the wall – literally. You may adore the towel bars, but using them just to hang one or two towels isn’t maximizing their function. Put those bars to work! By hanging a few baskets with S hooks or shower curtain rings you create invaluable space for toiletries, clean towels, even reading materials!

Of course, with the bars now pulling their weight, you’re towels need a home. No matter what your taste, there is a set of hooks where your towels can stylishly hang out. Even better, a shelf with hooks below allows for additional storage baskets, or a lovely display. If you can’t find hooks to fit your decor, why not create your own by adding spare hardware or door knobs, even spicket knobs (for that industrial look) under a pre-made shelf?

Wine racks are one more option to house rolled up towels. Simple to install on any wall, they also come in a multitude of styles to suit any decor. If you are looking for a spa-feel, you can’t go wrong with this display.

Flex your DIY muscles

Updating the walls and storage options will go a long way, but if you are suffering with an old vanity cabinet, sad mirror, or want to up the luxe on your builder-grade pieces, take matters into your own hands to banish the boring from your bathroom.

For a fraction of the cost to replace it, you can frame (or reframe) your existing mirror and set a whole new tone for your updated bathroom. There are so many ways to use small tiles to frame around an old mirror giving it new life. Alternately, add the tile directly on the mirror to give a luxurious hotel feeling, or whimsy. You are limited only by your imagination, budget and time.

Quickly updating a vanity cabinet is as easy as a new paint job and hardware that is on point to your aesthetic. Not for the faint of heart, perhaps, but using an amazing textured wallpaper to refinish the wood will make your vanity into something truly outstanding.

Simple Ways to Transform Your Bathroom