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What to Pack for a Hospital Birth: The Comprehensive List

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The baby is coming! You’re about to go from pregalicious to momtastic and one will become two. It will be one of the most momentous occasions of your life but also one of the most exhausting. When that little angel finally arrives all you’ll want to think about is what to name her, how gorgeous she is and how much she looks like your Great-Uncle Carl! You won’t want to be distracted by things you’ve forgotten to bring to the hospital.  BTW… if you think you’re in labour, you might want to read this article first…

Having a c-section doesn't mean you are less than the others. All births of all kinds end with a baby being born and a woman becoming a mother.

Having a C-Section Does Not Make You Less of a Mom

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I was that mom. You know, the one who has their entire pregnancy and labour experience envisioned in her head ahead of time. The one who won’t use any drugs during delivery, won’t tolerate anyone saying the word “pain,” and has planned the perfect vaginal delivery for their first child. I wasn’t interested in having a c-section! Of course the delivery will conclude in a safe arrival and have picture perfect moments of the new, happy family.


A Love Letter To My Post-Baby Body

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My friends at MomBabble ran this love letter to my post baby body last year.

Dear Flesh and Bones and Heart that Sustains me,

We were first paired some 31 years ago. Neither of us had any idea what kind of journey we would be on together. I was so excited about you in the beginning. You were magical. You could do no wrong. You carried me everywhere with strong legs. We had adventures and everything was fresh and new.


Signs of Early Labour

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Labour: The Early Signs, What to expect and when to call the doctor or midwife as birth approaches.

As you reach the 36th week of your pregnancy, the long-awaited arrival of your baby is very near……knowing the early signs of early labour and the signs of well established labour will help you decide when to call your doctor/midwife and when to go to the hospital.  (And how much more shopping you can squeeze in before the birth.  Just sayin’.)


Using Surrogacy in Canada to Give the Gift of a Baby

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How are you feeling?” I ask my friend Christine. She sits next to me in the cozy dining room of The Pantry Vegetarian Tea Room in the Glebe. Her large belly presses up against the table as she leans forward.

“I’m doing great!” she says. “But I could do without the kidney stones!”


How Leap Year Ruined My Birth Plan

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My first child had a delivery that made many a mom hate me. This wonderfully compliant girl arrived at exactly forty weeks and one day. I arrived at the hospital, received an epidural, and birthed a baby girl in under two hours. Quick, uneventful, successful.

See? You hate me. But don’t worry, it won’t last.

Early signs of pregnancy

Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

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Especially if they’ve been trying to conceive, women can become understandably obsessed with recognizing early pregnancy signs and symptoms.  We all know that you wait until you’ve missed a period, take a test, and you will know for sure. But what about the other little signs that women seem to know, but the books rarely mention? They are called ‘soft signs of pregnancy’ or ‘signs of implantation’ and are hardly discussed. Once, when I was a week late, somebody asked me – do you feel pregnant? Pardon? Feel?

Why you should find your tribe

Why You Should Find Your Tribe

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When I had my first baby and became a stay-at-home-mom, I hit a wall of loneliness after about 8 weeks of having zero adult conversation throughout the day and never going anywhere because my baby hated the car more than anything else. I desperately needed to find people I could connect with in order to save my sanity. My wonderful doula suggested that I meet up with a group of girls who called themselves the Booby Buddies (a bunch of breastfeeding mamas offering each other support). Feeling really awkward, I timidly contacted one of the girls in the group and she promptly invited me over for a play date.