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Kids in the Car

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Are we there yet? Driving on Car Trips with children and babies can test your patience level like almost nothing else. You’ve got crumbs and juice boxes all over the back seat, you can’t find the plug for the DVD player, and if you do one more diaper change in the trunk you will turn the car around and head home. (And it took an hour to pack the trunk).  Breathe. Try to think of it as an experience. Here are the UrbanMommies tips..


Screening a Nanny

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When screening a nanny, we look for lots of things.  All parents have a gut feeling when interviewing nannies. She could look great on paper and then you meet her and something just doesn’t sit right. You should listen to your voice. It’s the best place to start. You want to find out more about the nanny. You want to find out if she was a good nanny and what kind of duties she preformed for the family. 


Should I use a Nanny Agency or find Childcare on Craigslist?

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A: The benefits of an agency are clear. The agency will do all the work from background checks, to contracts to ensuring everything is going smoothly after the nanny is hired.  There are many nanny agencies to choose from but they are not created equally. There are no regulations for nannies or nannies or agencies. 

what to expect to pay a nanny

What to expect to pay a nanny

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Many families dismiss the idea of hiring a nanny because they believe it is price prohibitive for them. However, hiring a nanny can be affordable. You just need to be aware what the factors are involved in a nannies salary. Here are some of the costs to think about. Where you live in the country will affect the base rate. ($8 – $15 per hour)


The things i’ve learned from being a parent

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Who are any of us, really, to offer parenting tips?  Every child, parent and relationship are so different, and this is why UrbanMommies is less a blog, and more a pragmatic, information-based online magazine with more information than opinions.  But… there is always more to learn and tricks of the trade can be very helpful in making our lives easier and more manageable.  We’ve listed a few tips on parenting, but would also like for you to add your own in the comments section. 


Salaries for Live-In Caregivers

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Live-In Caregiver Salary PayIf you have a nanny or are thinking of getting one, there are a few things you should know.  Linh Tsiu is a Canadian accountant who specializes in Caregiver Tax Services.  She handles payroll for caregivers and instructs families in the financial implications of hiring a nanny.  As always, in parenting there are so many things to learn.  Now that you are an ‘expert’ mother, driver, chef, housekeeper, teacher, manager and scheduling guru – do you really need to handle the accounting too?


Montessori Method of Schooling

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The Montessori method is an educational method for children, based on theories of child development originated by Italian educator Maria Montessori in the late 19th and early 20th century. It is applied primarily in preschool and elementary school settings, though some Montessori high schools exist.