Who are any of us, really, to offer parenting tips?  Every child, parent and relationship are so different, and this is why UrbanMommies is less a blog, and more a pragmatic, information-based online magazine with more information than opinions.  But… there is always more to learn and tricks of the trade can be very helpful in making our lives easier and more manageable.  We’ve listed a few tips on parenting, but would also like for you to add your own in the comments section. 

1.  You might have expectations, but if you can let go of these, stress will be lessened and beautiful memories created.

2.  The experts tell us what we should do.  Our kids tell us what we can do. (@AldridgeDuff)

3.  Other parents love to validate their own decisions by giving you advice.

4.  Even the ‘expert’ parents have left the house with no spare diapers or snacks.  Be creative.

5.  You don’t have to love every minute.

6.  You don’t have to be good at everything.  Think of yourself as a CEO.  Identify your strengths and outsource as much as you are able.  (cleaning, prepared meals, etc).

7.  Trust your own instincts.  (from @kstennant)

8.  Your child needs you to be an empathetic parent – not a friend.  (from @TanyaGeisler)

9.  Take time for yourself.  It will make you a better parent.

10.  Children will emulate you, and the way you treat yourself is how they learn to treat themselves.

For more inspiration, see our Mothering Expert’s posts on balance.

– Jill Amery is learning about parenting every day.