Adopted CelebritiesThere are many famous faces who have been adopted over the centuries.

Though by no means a complete list, there are many celebrities and thinkers who were raised by parents other than their biological ones. After reading this list of successful people, maybe you’ll want to get adopted too! (Or at least try your luck at first lady.)

Famous Adopted Celebrities

Alexander the Great
Bill Clinton
Charles Dickens
Dave Thomas
Edgar Allen Poe
Edward Albee
Eleanor Roosevelt
George Washington Carver
Greg Louganis
Halle Berry
Ingrid Bergman
James Michener
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Jesse Jackson
Jim Palmer
John J. Audubon
John Lennon
Langston Hughes
Leo Yolstoy
Louisa May Alcott
Malcolm X
Marilyn Monroe
Mark Twain
Melissa Gilbert
Mona Simpson
Nancy Reagan
Nat King Cole
Nelson Mandela
Priscilla Presley
Robert Byrd
Richard Burton
Sarah McLauchlan
Scott Hamilton
Steve Jobs

Source: Crib Notes by Amy Maniatis and Elizabeth Weil, Chronicle Books, San Fransisco: 2004.