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French 75 Cocktail

Cinema-Inspired Cocktails for Stay-at-Home Date Nights

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There’s no denying the importance of “couple time.” Date night gives you the chance to reconnect with the person you knew before they became the person with whom you co-parent. Time alone together lets you strengthen your commitment, rekindle a romantic spark, and relieve stress. These days, going ‘out’ during lockdowns isn’t really an option for most people. Here are some movie ideas – classics, romances, and comedies – along with specialty cinema-inspired cocktails to enjoy while you snuggle.

Fresh Summer Cocktails

Homemade and Healthy Ocean Water Recipe

Mommy Mixology By July 6, 2019 1 Comment

With the warmer weather starting to set in, we are always on the hunt for a refreshing beverage that exudes the feeling of summer season. A delicious, cool beverage is the best way to beat the heat while indulging the taste buds. Recipes that are a hit for kids with flavours and bright colours are particularly prized with everyone getting ready to be home from school until September. This would be a great addition to your outdoor party in a classy punch bowl. Cheers and drink up to summer fun in the backyard!

summer cocktail recipes

Mommy Mixology: 5 Summer Cocktail Recipes

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Summer! The time of year that we take a dip in a clear, cool swimming pool and grill burgers and wild asparagus on fired-up barbecues. It’s also the optimal time to get the freshest ingredients to make refreshing summer cocktails! There are so many delicious options!

If you are planning a summer event and you want to treat your guests to more than basic beer and wine, a few signature drinks are cool and memorable. You’ll also keep the headache of in-the-moment prep to a minimum by choosing drinks that can be prepared ahead of time with multiple servings, have similar or complementary ingredients, and will work with a variety of appetizers. Set yourself up for entertaining success! For those who prefer small gatherings with a few close friends (or just you and a good book!) fruit-based summer drinks are still the perfect choice.

Fresh Summer Cocktails

Fresh Summer Cocktails

EAT, Mommy Mixology By May 30, 2019 1 Comment

We are supposed to be working while balancing the shuttling of kids to and from camp or letting them be free and active in the yard. I’m not feeling the ‘easy breezy summer’ quite yet. I think it must indicate that I need a break – maybe a vacation for the first time in what feels like ages. (Or more Pokemon GO and fewer invoices deadlines!) Maybe some perfect fresh summer cocktails would help ease me into the guise of a vacay at least! I’ve got some delicious ideas to bring the feeling of vacation to your backyard.


Win or Lose: Election Night Drinking Games

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I have Election Fatigue, and I am sure you do too.

The week we have all been looking forward to is finally here, and we can once again enjoy a campaign-free existence, if only for the next few years. What always gets me about an election year is the constant barrage of negativity; thanks to Donald Trump, that negativity seems to be amplified by 1000.

I had all but given up on trying to talk to various Trump supporters about their candidate–I was, and still am, incredulous that people would vote for him and genuinely curious as to why; sadly, there seems to be great difficulty in their collective ability to clearly define their position with intelligent sentences and without personal attacks. Social media has made it possible for everyone to be an expert and political pundit, unfortunately, and not everyone has the knowledge (or depth of vocabulary) to pull it off.

Summer Backyard Bbq Grill Party Scene

Grill Like a Boss

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I have vibrant BBQ and grill memories. When my husband and I returned to Hamburg, Germany where I lived as a teenage exchange student, my host family became so excited that Canadians were coming that they went and purchased a BBQ and assembled it in front of us! On another occasion in Martha’s Vineyard, a beautiful charcoal BBQ evening resulted in breaking an original rifle last fired on the Mason-Dixon line (I was at the home of a Dixon). Whoops. My first experience barbequing by myself was on the roof of my Annex condo in Toronto, when I lit it closed and just about annihilated my lashes and eyebrows upon later opening the lid.