Summer! The time of year that we take a dip in a clear, cool swimming pool and grill burgers and wild asparagus on fired-up barbecues. It’s also the optimal time to get the freshest ingredients to make refreshing summer cocktails! There are so many delicious options!

If you are planning a summer event and you want to treat your guests to more than basic beer and wine, a few signature drinks are cool and memorable. You’ll also keep the headache of in-the-moment prep to a minimum by choosing drinks that can be prepared ahead of time with multiple servings, have similar or complementary ingredients, and will work with a variety of appetizers. Set yourself up for entertaining success! For those who prefer small gatherings with a few close friends (or just you and a good book!) fruit-based summer drinks are still the perfect choice.

Whatever the prompt, now is a great time to experiment with different options. Sangria tops the list every year as my go-to summer drink. It is incredibly versatile with a so many different recipes to choose from that will suit any taste, or you can create your own combination with what’s available. If wine is not your thing, the options and breadth of cocktail recipes are dizzying (and delicious) so check out these 5 favourites that will make your summer celebrations that much sweeter and more delicious.


Summer Cocktail Recipes

Champagne-berry Punch – Berry Celebration!

summer cocktail recipes

Cucumber Gin Fizz – Cool and Delicious

summer cocktail recipes

Red Red Wine Sangria

summer cocktail recipes

Vodka-Thyme Lemonade – When Life Gives You Lemons, Celebrate!

summer cocktail recipes

White Sangria Sparkler

summer cocktail recipes

There’s something for every thirsty patron of summer, so drink it all in! A refreshing way to let your hair down AND beat the heat at your fingertips for all of your summertime celebration. Which will you try first? They all look so delicious!






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