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Joy aka Evil Joy is wife to one Dr. Evil and mother to four children she often refers to as spawn. Joy is a snowboarding fanatic and loves to share her exploits - snowboarding and otherwise - on Instagram. She currently spends copious amounts of time taxiing her children from one place to another. Frequently funny, always honest, and occasionally serious Joy blogs about everything from dealing with messy teenagers to navigating life after PTSD. Joy has been published in the anthologies "Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor" and "Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee" and featured on Sammiches and Psych Meds and In the Powder Room.

Boston Pizza

I’m not cooking tonight—and maybe you shouldn’t either #BostonPizza #KidsCards

charity, EAT, family meals By September 6, 2016 No Comments

Today I have driven nearly 68 kilometres, taking children to and from playdates, practices, and tryouts. School starts soon and they’re all antsy. My youngest is going into middle school and she’s anxious about everything—the new building, having a locker, going to different rooms for each class. On top of worrying about school, she’s also my one and only picky eater, and this week our primary chef (aka. Daddy) is away for work. So the last thing I want to do tonight is cook. I’m set on the last days of our summer together being warm and fuzzy, not a battle about what she tries to feed the dog when I’m not looking.

Enter Boston Pizza. She will be happy. I will be happy. And the best part is that we’re helping other kids.


Band Camp Love Story (or How I Met Your Father)

FAM, laugh, self By August 6, 2016 Tags: , , , No Comments

When I was fifteen years old I met my future husband at band camp. We were married five years later and as we approach our 20th anniversary (yes—you mommy math whizzes—that makes me 40), and I prepare to send my own kids to camp, I find myself reminiscing about that momentous summer. And being pretty freaked out about what my kids are about to do.

swimming lessons for kids

Choosing the right swimming lessons for kids

grow, LIVE By August 3, 2016 No Comments

I grew up in the water and for me, swimming is just like walking. It comes naturally—or I always assumed it did. As a child I took lessons at the local club, where the instructors threw me in the deep end, shouting that there were alligators under the grates. I’m sure the throwing in was done ‘safely’, but it was terrifying and to this day my heart rate goes up when I swim over filters and grates in the bottom of the pool. After that particular set of lessons, my mother apologized, she enrolled me at the public pool and I learned to swim in a fun, safe, encouraging environment.

mom friends

Are Mom Friends Forever Friends?

FAM, self By June 26, 2016 Tags: , , 1 Comment

One day you’re sharing feeding tips with another new mom and a year later you suddenly realize that you’re actually in a beautiful and intense friendship. Both you and your kids have so much in common, so the time you spend together is never strained—an afternoon together leaves you both feeling light with mutual understanding, your necks aching from all the nodding. And then one of you has another baby. And one of you doesn’t.

dads are hot

Dads Like It Hot…and Spicy!

EAT, eat, family meals, holidays By June 7, 2016 Tags: , , , , 20 Comments

Dads are hot. Yes, you read that right.


And they also like hot things. And cool things, because they’re also kind of cool.

It’s pretty commonly accepted around town that husbands and dads aren’t the bomb-diggity anymore and single guys have all the game. But, a man who can be an amazing life partner, help his little girls play softball, teach his son how to drive, and cook us all an amazing dinner—I’m telling you, that is the real definition of hot.

It's difficult to know how to support a friend who has miscarried, but here's some helpful tips.

How to Support A Friend Who Has Miscarried

baby, FAM, self By April 28, 2016 Tags: , , , , , No Comments

You most likely know someone who has experienced a miscarriage. Even if they haven’t shared their loss, chances are you’re friends with at least one person who has gone through this. Or you yourself have experienced a devastating loss. It’s hard to know what to do or say to help. Each person deals with tragedy differently, and you’ll have to use your judgement to determine the best way to offer assistance.

Having a c-section doesn't mean you are less than the others. All births of all kinds end with a baby being born and a woman becoming a mother.

Having a C-Section Does Not Make You Less of a Mom

FAM, health, pregnancy, self By April 23, 2016 Tags: , , , , , 2 Comments

I was that mom. You know, the one who has their entire pregnancy and labour experience envisioned in her head ahead of time. The one who won’t use any drugs during delivery, won’t tolerate anyone saying the word “pain,” and has planned the perfect vaginal delivery for their first child. I wasn’t interested in having a c-section! Of course the delivery will conclude in a safe arrival and have picture perfect moments of the new, happy family.


How Much Sunscreen Should I Use?

beauty, FAM, GEAR, health By April 16, 2016 Tags: , , , , No Comments

Summer is quickly approaching and the daily SPH facial lotion and lip balm will no longer be enough to combat the sun’s rays. Short of dressing in long sleeves, pants, a large hat and sunglasses… it’s time to find the right sunscreen for your family. Which types are a good fit for your family? How much sunscreen should you apply to keep their skin protected?