How do you keep date night from becoming stale? Dinner and a show just aren’t cutting it anymore, and you’re wondering how to change the fizzle back to sizzle? Here are a few ideas to reignite your relationship and reinvent date night:

Local Winery Tour

Spend an evening in your area visiting local wineries. A nice dinner and a flight of wine? What could be better?

Farmers’ Market Meal

Head out to the Farmers’ Market and wander. When you zero in on that one item that looks tasty create a meal with that item as a focus. Shop together for the ingredients and cook. Music in the background while you’re cooking away is always a nice touch. Throw a candle on the table, turn out the lights, and enjoy your meal.

Take a Class Together

Improv your thing? Pottery? Grab your local community ed guide book and choose something together. Go outside your comfort levels and explore a new area of study!

Hit the Gym

Spin class, weight lifting, or a pick up game of volleyball. Working out together can be very rewarding. You can push each other to do your best and also watch your significant other break a sweat! It’s a win-win!


Get a nanny, grandparents or friend to keep the children. Pack an overnight bag, don your sunglasses and drive. If you’ve always wanted to head towards the beach, or drive through that neighborhood of historic houses, do it! See where you end up. Watch sunset from a gorgeous spot and relax. Date night could turn into date weekend.

Peddle Pub Tour

Check your local pubs to see if they offer a peddle pub. It’s a fun time and you can sample different pubs in a locale. You may even find your new favorite spot!


Find a cause you’re both passionate about and make helping others the plan for the night. Food shelves, soup kitchens, animal shelters, and community centers are great places to start. You’ll feel good about helping and in turn feel good about yourselves.


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Be a Tourist at Home

Plan an evening in your hometown as though you were visiting from afar. What things would you want to see? Are there places in town you’ve always wanted to check out but haven’t made the time? Do it and see your town through new eyes.

Head Outside

Walk, hike, kayak, or canoe at a local, state, or national park. Nearby sculpture garden or water feature? Check it out and talk about what you see. Take some photos. On the way home, grab a coffee and discuss the pictures you took.

Plant a Garden

Whether you have a rooftop garden in your building or box garden in your yard, dig in the soil and encourage those seedlings to grow. You’ve built in a guaranteed date night in the fall when it’s time to harvest all your garden has produced.

Get Tickets

To a special sporting event, comedy club, opera, or theatre event. Surprise your significant other with a night planned around their favorite ticketed event and make memories to last a lifetime.

The possibilities are endless. Reinventing date night ensures you will take time to focus on your relationship. And when you nurture what you have it can only grow more.