This year with Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday it means no sleeping in the next morning.  Kids need to be woken for school, lunches packed, homework double checked and everyone out the door on time.  Just the thought of going out for a romantic dinner and maybe dancing or a movie and having to get up early the next morning makes me cringe.  Its hard enough to get everyone going on a Monday when I have had a good night’s sleep!  So this Valentine’s Day we will be having a Netflix Date.

I think a cozy evening cuddled together on the couch after the kids are tucked in will be the perfect end to a weekend full of family fun and Valentine themed activities. Statistics say we aren’t the only ones thinking about staying in this year.

  • Staying in is the New Date Night. Six in ten (58%) respondents in a relationship say they prefer to stay in and watch Netflix for date night. Most (77%) say they watch Netflix together because they like spending time together without leaving the house, while seven in ten (68%)  say shows are more fun when watched together, and 58% enjoy having someone to talk with about the show – the ultimate bonding experience!

It looks like we are right in line with most couples these days.  How can you go wrong with spending quality time with the person most connected to you.  But who picks what to watch?  How do you compromise or miraculously agree on a show?

  • When it comes to date night, most people (71%) say they negotiate with their spouse when deciding which shows to watch. Nearly half (47%) say that they use the “show for show” tactic. To avoid confrontation, choose one you both like! While romantic comedies are the top choice for couples to watch together (56%), action thrillers follow as a close second (54%).

So with what to do settled, I just have to add some romantic touches to complete our Valentine’s night. Candles, wine and for fun maybe chocolate fondue? If I cut up fruit for the fondue I can use the leftovers in the kids’ lunches the next day!  Romantic genius and mom extraordinaire.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, what would you choose as your romantic movie?