As I mentioned in our Kitchen Tips article, I was part of a paper towel scientific experiment.  I used a brand new dishcloth in my kitchen over three days and sent it to a lab for testing.  I will never use a dishcloth again.  I can hardly even bear to keep the results email in my inbox.  Typically hard on myself as a Mom and woman, the results make me feel like quite the ogre.

My results: “Your dishcloth was sent to a professional lab in Toronto where it was clinically examined to reveal exactly what was hiding inside. Your dishcloth, after three days of usage showed 52,000 counts of bacteria and 48,000 counts of yeast and mould.  In comparison, an unused dishcloth only harbours approximately 1,080 counts of bacteria and five counts of yeast and mould. Ready to ditch your germy dishcloth? When you use a dishcloth to clean and wipe your countertops you could actually be spreading around germs.

As if this wasn’t enough of a wake-up call, I attended a luncheon in Cincinnati where a scientist wiped a contaminated surface with a towel, then wiped up a typical kitchen floor spill and then rinsed the towel and wiped a counter.  Shining a black light on all of the areas that were wiped revealed that the original contaminant had been transferred to all three surfaces. EEEEWWWW!

The Bounty DuraTowel difference:

  • A unique structure that provides outstanding performance when wet
  • Feels and cleans like a cloth with a new cloth-like embossed design
  • A fresh sheet is cloth-like and strong enough to tackle tough jobs like cleaning countertops, sinks, and even small appliances
  • Clinically proven to leave surfaces 3 times cleaner than a germy dishcloth that could redeposit germs on surfaces families come in contact with throughout the day

Bounty DuraTowel is clinically proven to leave surfaces three times cleaner than a germy dishcloth, so make the switch today.

Done and Done.