Dads are hot. Yes, you read that right.


And they also like hot things. And cool things, because they’re also kind of cool.

It’s pretty commonly accepted around town that husbands and dads aren’t the bomb-diggity anymore and single guys have all the game. But, a man who can be an amazing life partner, help his little girls play softball, teach his son how to drive, and cook us all an amazing dinner—I’m telling you, that is the real definition of hot.

dads are hot

My husband does all of our cooking. I’m a capable and proficient cook, however, he loves to experiment with new foods and ways of preparing meals and we all love what he makes, so he runs with it. He loves spicing things up and embraces the flavours that various spices (especially hot spices) bring to our dishes.

As Father’s Day approaches, I start to really focus on what makes him tick, what he’s really into. It’s a chance to give a really great gift that hones in on his summer passions and in my house, that means items specific to cooking, grilling, and smoking various cuts of meat and cool ways to make them taste even better than usual.


The Gift

Then I came across the Fuego Box, a company that makes yummy craft and small batch hot sauces, and I knew I was on the right track to making this Father’s Day a memorable one. Their Father’s Day special delivery onsite says it all, “Dad’s Spicy Box of Awesome is a limited edition rustic wood crate full of small-batch spicy greatness created just for Dads. If Dad loves spicy food, he’s going to lose his mind when he slides open this cornucopia of flavor-packed heat.”

The Goods

Inside the box is everything my husband would totally lose his culinary mind over, from Bee Local Hot Honey, Purple Panda Chili Oil, Hoff Sauce and Laguna Salt Smoke Ghost Pepper Salt, to the World’s 1st Dry Hot Sauce—all packed in a beautiful Limited Edition Fuego Box Wooden Crate.

The Payoff

I can’t wait to see his face when he opens this gift set on Father’s Day (and even more excited for our dinner that night…and the next night, and the next…) If you want to get in on this action, check out the awesome Father’s Day option or at Fuego Box.

Spice up your meals by giving dad what he really wants for Father’s Day, a present that will make him drool and simultaneously show him how hot you think he is!