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With all of the corporate options available, it isn’t really necessary for anyone to “shop local” anymore. You can get all sorts of exotic flavours and colours at the large chain supermarkets. Before I share a fun recipe for ‘Farm Fresh Linguine and Tomato Sauce’, I want to first get you excited about the many benefits of shopping locally at the farmers market!

Fresh food is tasty

One of the most important benefits—local food tastes AH-MAY-ZING. There’s nothing like food that’s just a few days from your door. It’s fresh, full of nutrients and good for you—because it hasn’t spent several days ripening on a truck.

Reduce your carbon footprint

The large chain supermarkets *might* have that pineapple you’ve been looking for, but think about where it’s come from. It’s likely been on a plane or a truck for several days, and maybe it even ripened along the way. This creates a huge carbon footprint. At your local farmers market, you’ll find fruits and vegetables that are sourced locally, within a few kilometres of the store.

Support your local economy

At a very fundamental level, buying local means that your money stays in your community. It means that the taxes paid by the local producer or seller go into the coffers of your local municipality. It means that you’re supporting local parks, local community centres, and other activities—just by buying good food. And it means that those farmers and producers are able to spend more money in your community—multiplying the benefits of your spending.

There are world famous farmers markets across Canada, and not so famous markets right next door. Nip out and find one today—and you can make delicious recipes like the one below with delicious, locally sourced food.