Faries in a JarDenim RoadsIndoor HopscotchEdible GlitterIce excavationPeriodic Table Cupcakes







UrbanMommies publisher Jill Amery was interviewed on Shaw TV’s Studio 4 about great no mess crafts and activities to do with kids that help with bonding and learning.  A boon to parents everywhere!  We wanted to share some of the ideas, with some credit as well to the original sources of the ideas.  Happy bonding!

1.  Fairies in a jar: Cut the end off of a glowstick.  (This should be done by an adult – there’s a glass vial inside which, when shattered, creates the chemical glow reaction.)  Dump the contents of the glowstick into a jar and add 4 T. glitter.  Put the lid on the jar and secure the lid with duct tape (so curious kids won’t open it).  Shake.  Fairies in a jar.  We’re picturing lumieres at hallowe’en or backyard-camping companions in the tent.

2.  Denim Roads.  Faded jeans?  Upcycle, mama.  Cut the denim into 3-inch wide strips and arcs.  Paint yellow dotted lines down the centre and stick velcro to the backsides.  Presto!  Portable roads that will stick on carpet.  (Dinky cars not included).  Kudos to Jen from ‘lil Mop Top for the idea!

3.  Periodic Table of Cupcakes.  Ditto.  What an amazing way to teach chemistry to kids going in to high school – especially if they have a sweet tooth.  Kudos: Buzzfeed.  Wow.

4.  Ice Excavation.  Fill a bundt or cake pan halfway with water.  Freeze.  Scatter lego, plastic animals or your child’s favourite obsession over the ice.  Fill the rest of the pan with water and re-freeze.  Once solid, pop the ice ring out of the pan and let them go to town with a hammer, blunt knives or chopsticks, ‘excavating’ the treasures from the ice.  Note:  It’s a good time to talk ice age, dinosaurs, etc.  You can also do this with jello for younger kids.

5.  Edible Glitter:  Edible Glitter!! 1/4 sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of food coloring, baking sheet and 10 minutes in the oven.  Kudos to Silver Taylor for the idea.

6.  Indoor hopscotch.  Wow.  You are now a rockstar.