The first flakes started flying last week and it got me thinking that the days where it starts to stick aren’t very far around the corner. Winter can be such a magical season but some times all that white stuff means leaving the house just isn’t going to happen. For those days, here are some ideas to keep the kids busy and entertained.

  1. Make some hot chocolate. Break out the crockpot and get going on some delicious chocolatey goodness. Add some marshmallows and you’re golden! Sprinkle chocolate flakes to make your hot chocolate even prettier.
  2. Do some crafts. Get the creative juices flowing once you’ve got some hot chocolate on board. You could also get them cutting out snowflakes from printer paper or find fun seasonal printables online that they can colour.
  3. Get baking. Move the party into the kitchen and let the kids get messy mixing the batter. Set up chairs so they can watch their creation rise in the oven. When everything has cooled off, it’s snack time!
  4. Have a story time. Reading can open up so many new worlds beyond the snow drifts that are keeping you inside. Explore them together! Discuss the story and its lessons after.
  5. Get organized. Find “new” toys to enjoy by getting bedrooms back into shape and uncovering hidden treasures that might have been forgotten at the back of closets or in the bottom of toy boxes.

The winter is coming and even if it means you might not get where you planned to go, you can always make your own adventure in the comfort of your own home with the help of your creativity.