Sure, more cardio and less wine may top most of our New Year’s Resolution lists, but as parents, it donned on us that we could focus on enriching the growth of our children a bit more efficiently than we do now.  There aren’t enough hours in the day, and we often waste so many minutes.  When you set 5 or 10-minute daily goals, you can be a much more effective parent without tacking hours onto the day.  So don’t worry too much about breaking a sweat at the gym… here are the 2012 UrbanMommies parenting resolutions..

1.  I will say no to other people when I cannot stretch my family any further.  And, when appropriate, I will say no to my child even if it means a big tantrum will happen.
2.  I will sit cross-legged on the floor every day and play blocks, have a tea party, read books or just talk to my kids.
3.  I’ll use the time driving in the car to ask my kids questions.
4.  We’ll play different music every once in a while and I’ll do a Google search on Beethoven, Country Music or Gregorian Chants as we listen so I can explain the music to my child.
5.  We’ll sit around the table as a family for at least one meal per day.
6.  Medical, dental records and our emergency contact list will all be organized.
7.  We’ll look at our family budget.
8.  I will watch the news for 10 minutes daily even if they protest that Dora must stay on the TV.  Even though I’m a busy parent, I need to be connected.
9.  I’ll identify the 3 reasons why I am a great parent.
10.  Even though they are picky eaters, I’ll still try to slip in quinoa, veggies and wheat germ where I can to enhance their diet.  When I shop I’ll add good things to my healthy pantry.
11.  I’ll try to remember that unstructured days in your PJ’s can be just as important as scheduled activities.
12.  I’ll try to ask for what I need – from my partner, friends, family and my kids.
13.  I’ll show through example that charity is important.
14.  We’ll do a few more things in a greener way – use more baking soda for cleaning, plant some seeds, or start a compost.
15.  Every person in the family will try to unclutter.  Here are some kitchen organization tips.

Even incorporating a couple of these into your weekly routine could help you, the kids and the planet.

Jill Amery will do her best to follow this list.