I’m a sucker for older, stunning architecture. So as a student at the University of Toronto I would frequent Theatrebooks on St. Thomas St. and gaze longingly at Yorkville’s Windsor Arms Hotel. Later in life I would hang at the bar, hoping to gain nuggets of advice for career and stock market speculation. It’s that kind of place. But the artists, thinkers and socialites can’t be excluded. Not in a second. (The bar features original works by Charles Pachter).

This month I stayed at the hotel for the first time, and though they knew nothing of UrbanMommies Travel or my intention to do a story, they upgraded me. They said they just liked my name. Every room in the hotel includes a musical instrument – harp, guitar… and they have never had a noise complaint due to the music. On opening the door to the room I heard classical music playing on wired-in speakers throughout. It was so peaceful it made me need to have a bath.  Comfortable beds? I had to ask the housekeeping staff where they source their pillows.

There is a trendy tea room by the gorgeous Living Room Bar and I was so excited to see a rack adorned with vintage hats.  Patrons may ‘rent’ a hat for $10 and the proceeds go towards Dress for Success.  Brilliant.

A pet friendly space (under 35lbs), this will be one of the most opulent, elegant and luxurious stays you will ever have.  And you may learn a thing or two about music.  Because you’re not going to want to leave your room, even for the great Bloor St. shopping nearby.

The Windsor Arms Hotel